• 钣金加工在使用手锤时应注意的安全事项
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    Sheet metal welding hammer is one of the commonly used tools in sheet metal processing, so sheet metal workers not only can use the hammer, but also should be able to maintain it. When the handle is installed into the hammer head, the center line of the handle shall be vertical to the center line of the hammer head, and the direction of the maximum elliptical diameter of the handle shall be consistent with the center line of the hammer head. In order to make the hammerhead not loose and avoid falling off, a metal wedge or a wood wedge must be used to drive into the handle of the hammer for fastening. The handle of the hammer must be flat and the surface of the hammer should be smooth and flat. The handle shall not be used as a crowbar or for cleaning iron and sand.

    Pay attention to the following safety precautions when using the hammer:

    (1) It is not suitable for hammers with loose handle wedge, falling off and crack to prevent accidents caused by hammer head flying out.

    (2) Avoid oil on the handle and surface of the hammer. When your hands are sweating, wipe them clean before holding the hammer.

    (3) Before striking with the hammer, it is necessary to pay attention to the surroundings to avoid accidents and prohibit the head of the hammer from facing people.