• 钣金件加工时如何降低破损
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    How to reduce the damage of sheet metal parts during processing:

    We are in the model that chooses hardware fittings, specification, function to want to accord with a country standard and concerned regulation, and should match with the window of window of model steel door that chooses.

    2. If fastening screws are used for mounting hardware, metal lining plates must be set inside, and the thickness of the lining plates should be more than 2 times of the tooth spacing of the fastener.

    3. Hardware stamping parts shall be maintained regularly after installation to prevent rust and erosion.

    4. Door and window lock handle should be assembled after the door is put into the frame. Accurate position and flexible switch.

    5. Double pulleys should be installed for doors and Windows with a width of more than one meter or double glazing.

    6. Sliding hinge is made of stainless steel.

    7. Turn it on and off gently during use.

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